The Restoration and Remediation industries have changed dramatically over the past 30 years since the industry was born. At NORRP our goal is to keep every individual in the industry as up to date on the most advanced technique,  most current equipment, and the best methods for billing and estimating projects in order to ensure the proper progression of our industry.

We as an industry need to come together as a unit to ensure that our industry as a whole moves in the correct direction. NORRP is here to create a venue in which every problem we face can be addressed in our monthly online meetings. 

We deserve a seat at the table, especially since we are the backbone of the insurance damage repair industry, whether it is water damage, microbial remediation, fire damage repair, and other specialized restoration and remediation sectors. We the contractors are the ones that get the job done and allow for our customers both on a commercial and residential level get things back to normal.

We should determine our rates, we should create our scopes of work, we should demand that this industry gives us the voice we deserve. It is us and only us that deal with the customer from start to finish on a personal basis, in order to represent our clients we need to come together as one.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the first step, now it time to join in the fight. Lets get back what is rightfully ours and take back control of our industry!

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