NORRP is the National Organization for Restoration and Remediation Professionals. We are a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of bringing more support and specialized training to the restoration and remediation industry. At NORRP, our goal is to keep every individual in the industry as up to date on the most advanced techniques, most current equipment, and the best methods for billing and estimating projects in order to ensure the proper progression of our industry.

NORRP was founded by restoration and remediation professionals with the goal of supporting professionals in our own industry. Up to this point, there has been a void for an organization that provides support specifically to restoration and remediation professionals.

NORRP is just that – an industry specific organization to ensure that all professionals can compete and do business on a more even playing field.

At NORRP we feel that EDUCATION, SUPPORT, and OUTREACH are the most important aspects that need to be focused on in order to allow for the professionals in our industry to get recognized for all the great things they do on a daily basis. We are designing and creating hands-on classes to teach advanced remediation and restoration techniques that are currently not available to anyone in the industry.

By joining NORRP you are helping to ensure the future of the industry. This organization relies on the number of members we have so that we can create an extensive network of professionals and have the loudest voice in our industry. We count on your support and participation in order to take the industry to the next level.

​Thank you for your interest, and we hope to have your support for years to come.

Our Mission

The National Organization of Restoration and Remediation Professional (NORRP) is dedicated to elevating the restoration contractor through unity of purpose, professional and ethical expectations , higher education, uniting against third party entities, and establishing relationships and partnering with other professional groups essential to building our organization.

Our Values


Industry organizations, practices and standards for greater consistency and to establish best practices.


of standardized industry practices and procedures and improper actions.


to groups and organizations outside of the restoration and remediation industry to provide knowledge and training that is necessary for support of our organization and its members.


and education of our membership to provide the highest level of knowledge, best industry practices and cutting-edge technology.


the best interests of restoration and remediation professionals by serving as a united voice for state and government laws, regulations and licensing requirements that affect our industry.